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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Unificationist: Dear Atheist, Forgive the Religious

My 10 Theses on Reformation of Religious Mindset

I have been a devout Christian since birth and every extended family member is a Christian.  I recently joined the Unification Church seven years ago which caused a humongous uproar with my Christian family who tried to break me out of the faith.  I'm stronger than ever in my faith, and my family settled to this notion.


What the hell is a Unificationist?  Have you heard of Moonie Weddings, Mass Weddings, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, or cult religion?  I'm part of it.  What do I believe?  I believe in the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Completed Testament called the Divine Principle.

That being said, here are my 10 complaints:

1. The Religious: "You're Going to Hell"

This is the very reason even though I love God, abide by His laws to the best of my ability and read His words all hours, that I can't stand overly religious people who judge ME!  One pastor's wife said I wasn't following God's path because of their outward judgment of my financial problems. When I asked God, He said He was proud of my faith through my struggles. So, to whom are they taking?

2. The Religious: "You're Bad People.  Oh and You're Going to Hell"

Well, we're bad, too.  We just ask for forgiveness and start fresh every step of the way.  Every human born of woman, except the Messiah is born into sin - we inherit ancestor's crap.  Once we talk to you in this humble matter, we'll go easier on you when we throw our religious books at you when you cross the street. 

3. They Forget Main Points They Are Preaching to You

We read the scripture, go to church two or three times a week, but don't truly live every moment as we are taught in our hearts.  If we did, you wouldn't try so hard to disprove our ventures. 

4.  We try to Convert you Before We're TRULY Converted

read above

5.  Religious People Can Be Unrealistic, Fanatical and Narrow Minded

Out of my 39 years of faith and recent upgrade to Unificationism, I never once had a religious friend.  When I did try, they would judge me as not following the path, or I said this or that and it end quickly.  They weren't fun to hang out with anyway.  My best friends were the wild kids, the party type and even some druggies.  Even though I had a high standard including chastity and no drugs, I always talk about God or Jesus with them and it never phased them because I saw them as equal.  It was up to God to judge their behavior.

6. We Try To PROVE God Exist

Impossible because you ask us for physical proof.  The only physical proof you guys are ever going to get, is when you TRULY see God's light in me, God's love and forgiveness in me to such an extent you cannot deny I have a power with me you can't explain other than a spiritual power beyond the physical realm.
7.We Think We Are Better Than You Are

Because we feel we are going to heaven.  But we don't live and make heaven here on earth for ourselves and you.  No humility for having the higher truth.

8. We Judge Everything You Say And Do As Evil

There are so many scriptures on this that you probably even know which book of the bible they are to be found.  If we judge, He judges us with the same measuring stick.  I am guilty of this in the past, but not to the great extent that I have been judged by religious people.

9. We Don't Love You Unless You Come To Our Church

We become like car salesmen.  How many people a month can we bring to church. How many a year can we get to join and save the world?  We do whatever it takes to get you to listen to the word.  Food and get together are the best traps to get you to listen to the word. Then forget about you unless we try to recruit you again.

 When, if we are living the word in our lives, you would be banging on the church doors wanting some of that 'holy'  crack we found that makes life so explosive.

10. We Make Angry Comments To Show God Doesn't Exist Inside Us

For some reason, the Internet seems to only attract the fanatical believers that answer nonbelievers post with such absurdity even God shakes His head.  Sometimes I feel sorry for His situation.  He blesses these religious people and wants to spread the truth, but it's like a two steps forward three steps back relationship with His chosen ones.

To be honest, I know all these because I was exactly like this on a few occasions until I started taking the measure onto myself and reverse these attitudes I see in my fellow brethren.

And to the religious, no one should be upset.  If we were being as Jesus said, we wouldn't have to PROVE God existed, people would know it whenever they saw us.  

Therefore, I repent to my non-believing brothers and sisters and hope we all see the eventual light that shines so brightly on earth spreading liberation, that He no longer can be denied.

Aman, Godspeed and Aju.

Please forgive any repeated jargon, that just means that point really pissed me off. 
Photo Courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net

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