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Monday, October 29, 2012

Why God Can't Marry Two Men

Two men having relations like a man and woman may be wrong, but so is the promiscuous lifestyle and love of a man and woman who have not placed their relationship in front of God as a monogamous union.  This is why we will never be able to conquer the ground of people who do not want to be homosexual and bring them to the light until we see that sin is sin and we should be helping our brothers and sisters struggling with pain as religious people instead of just condemning them and trying to change them.  We all need to change, in essence excuse my french, but every single human is fu*ked up in front of God and needs salvation. 
Every single human!  It is Lucifer who accuses humans before God for their acts to get Him to stop loving us, we should not be like the servant by accusing others of sin.  We should pray for one another to overcome our sins.  Period.

Don't worry, I'm not going to throw into your face the old theology of Adam and Steve bit.  That worked for hundred years, but we live in the Last Days, the days where all hidden truths of the bible are flowing out. I didn't start this blog to bring the same old excuses for my hatred of homosexuality or promiscuous sex, but to bring the hidden truth that liberates even me and my family once and for all from our own sins. 

First, we must start with the beginning.

Let's face reality, even scientist will attest that what they call nature and we call God, contemplated how the world was going to be set.  There were many types of humans and sets, scientist even believe one tribe of women centered around one man in the beginning before God decided to place His breath of life into one couple. 

He tried several types of relationships as well before settling on a certain set.  There was the larger tribe that could survive, the set with one male and several females and the male and female by themselves. What if he had even tried a sets of a tribe of only men and a tribes of only women.  How did those tribes end after one hundred years that never intermingled?  All of these tribes ended except one couple. 

Even though there were several sorts of beings of humans, God chose Adam and Eve as the first to place His own breath into their bodies.  This explains why all other types of humans disappeared from the earth.

What is a hidden truth?  In essence, after humans did not inherit God's true lineage because we did not follow and believe His words in the beginning, man was placed in a lower position than the animals and kicked out of the garden.

God never blessed a True Marriage Before Lord Returned - Period

How can God marry two people born, even a man and woman, of sin when He himself is perfect?

The truth is, God never blessed Adam and Eve or any human after the fall into His True Marriage.  This means that every marriage God only gave a conditional blessing of marriage for it.  In other words, no man born of woman  has had a marriage in which God could rejoice fully until the Lord of the Second Advent's return. 

Then, does this mean that no man or woman will have a True Marriage in front of God, and will we continue to suffer as fallen children with marriages that struggle to follow God's way? 

Just look in history and you will see God has tried to remedy this situation.

A True Marriage would require a marriage between a True Man and a True Woman.  Jesus was the first True Man on earth, and in order to leave his tradition behind he needed to marry a True Woman who they together could bare True Children who would bring God's True Lineage on earth.

Does this sound like people of any point in history?  God can only approve a True Man and True Woman with His character and blood lineage; this is what He intended to do with Jesus, but no one could accept and completely follow him and he had to go another route for salvation.  Death of his body leaving no trace of God's seed or lineage on earth. This explains why Jesus cried out to God to give his disciples a second chance before Judas's betrayal, not out of weakness.  He knew his death meant God would have to wait thousands of years for His children's physical salvation -not just spiritual- and those who followed Jesus thereafter would suffer against the Romans to keep his teachings on the earth.  A marriage and children would have kept Jesus physically on the earth.

Bigamy in the Bible and Three Great Blessings

Marriage between a man and a woman is only conditional and not always recognized by God.  In the time of the Old Testament you see thousands of religious marrying more than one woman, yet they were allowed to carry out God's providence.  Why would God work through men of bigamy when this was not of His laws as well?

In order for God to bring about the providence of restoring man back to the highest position, He must work through a fallen man who is closest to him - not perfect.  The people God worked through had to make conditions which the bible states as offerings.  You see burnt offerings, and fasting and time periods of 40 days for this reason: to separate sin(Satan) from them temporarily in order for God to do a mission through them.  (Moses's 40 days fasting condition before receiving God's word)

Which leads to the third point why God can't sanctify two men into a True Marriage even if there are two True Men.  God wanted us to have three great blessings.  To be fruitful is likened to a tree that has matured, to multiply through children and be co-creators with God over the earth.

No human has attained this until the Last Days.  We are like 'wild olive trees' that did not bear God's true root so we all link to a Messiah that is the true olive tree.

Why did God create man and woman as separate beings? He wanted them to achieve perfection as individuals and to receive God's love as a son and as a daughter. Then, when united, they would resemble God and together stand in the object position to Him. He as subject, and man and woman as object, could then have an eternal give and take action with each other. What was to be the binding force between man and woman? Love. What was to be the binding force between God and united man and woman? Love. Without love, nothing can be truly united into one. The essence of the ideal is love. The essence of unity is love. By love we are united with God and then inherit His creative ability and lordship over creation. It is from this that man and woman can create children, as He created them.

Two Men's Love Not Complete

Two men can fall in love just like a man and a woman. Because we as humans never inherited God's complete pure nature, love is hard to distinguish from false love since no one fully has obtained the stature of a True Man or Woman who has obtained God's True Love within himself.  We are all only conditionally connected to God through a mediator and our religions.  Our original position was to be connected completely to God through marriage.  This is why the Messiah returns in our time to fulfill the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" through his marriage to a True Woman, which was to be fulfilled in Jesus's time.

Anyway, the reason why the love of two men is so complicated is because it is real love and they can have sexual relations, yet they can not have children and multiply, which is the purpose God created humans.  This is why the phenom of homosexuality is fought to the death, because it is real.

He loves us as his sons and daughters. We are God's ADOPTED sons and daughters as Jesus and our faith connects us to Him indirectly.  As sons and daughters, we have the power to create children as the fruit of our love. And all of this is united in the one love of God. That love has three aspects: parental love, the love of husband and wife, and children's love. Man is meant to experience these loves in his life on earth. This is the fundamental principle for attaining happiness. It is according to man's nature to have parents, a husband or wife, and children. If a man and woman establish this foundation through the family according to God's ideal, God must dwell with them. Here God and man become one and this family can be the foundation for God to establish His ideal world.

Since the fall, Lucifer has corrupted True Love of God between humanity to be lower than the animals.  A man and woman coupled together out of the guise of marriage is just as forbidden as two men. 

So, why does religion forgive promiscuity more than homosexuality?  Because it has a deep deep root that the religious do not either pinpoint in their very bible or just want to point fingers at the lifestyle without offering alternatives to Christian homosexuals who do not want the lifestyle and see no alternatives but to just go with feelings of a spirit.  We can delve into this in tomorrow's post: Homosexuality Root: Incest, Free Sex

Homosexuality Future

The bottom line, the bible speaks a little about it, but the accounts of homosexuality in the bible between angels, and between angels and humans was blatantly taken out in the book of Enoch.

Where does this leave people who love the same sex in the Last Days, but they want to follow God?  Religions have looked at it in three ways, pacify and invite them into their congregations, force them to become heterosexual, or shun them out of the pews.

In these Last Days, God wants even people who he can not acknowledge to have a way to come back to His bosom.  That is all His children.  No one is worthy of God's forgiveness, not even Billy Graham.  A person who does not want to love the same sex battles spiritually that there may never be a way for them to conquer the urges of those feelings they do not want.

The teachings of the Divine Principle which this blog is based upon, does not recognize such behavior or even people who have sex outside of marriage period and wants them the change in order for them to start the process of restoration.

I understand why this is so because God does not recognize what is not a part of His creation and closes His eyes to evil even if it is between a man and woman. I also know that people who truly struggle with the love of the same sex, yet truly want to go God's true way are left out in hell and I dont' think this is God's way either.  He has made a way for homosexuality to go the opposite path back to His original foundation.

After three years of making conditions of faith and fighting the urges, it is possible one can overcome homosexuality and not pass on the traits to their descendants.  I as a straight female had to do so with the love of a man who was not my husband and would not be as a test to get rid of fallen sexual tendencies.  After daily fighting thoughts of him for three years, the Divine Principle proved itself that now I can think of him as my brother and be happy for his union.  It works for everyone, but it takes constant practice, devotions, prayer conditions and effort to rid all of Satanic influences from our bodies. 

It is possible that sin will leave the earth, do you believe it?  In our time we will witness the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - but it is up to us to change toward this ideal.

Homosexuality End

Love is Love, but just because a woman loves a married man does not mean they should be together. We were meant to have the capacity to love all humanity, only we became confused and only love who we choose so when this fiery love comes of that person who "gets me when no one else understands me", we will defy our own moral codes to possess that love.

No habit or inherited merit can easily be overcome. It is important to avoid making a base or opportunity for a relationship to happen, such as going to homosexual places, looking at women in desirous ways, or sexual videos, eye contact on the street, etc. It takes only a small base for temptation to become too great to be overcome.

Because we all have fallen nature, we must not "test" our weak points. In my viewpoint, homosexuality is not equal to the fall because the fall is transferred to children directly, whereas a homosexual relationship does not have children as a product of the relationship. However, there are elements transferred between the two individuals involved in a homosexual relationship. In homosexual relations, the problem is a less-direct evil but still children can inherit elements. Homosexuality will not be transferred to the children if a person can totally dis-involve himself from homosexuality. But a person must deal with the problem through- out his or her lifetime and resist the temptation over a period of time, blocking Satan's ability to influence, like building up a muscle against that vulnerability.

There must be an attitude of determination to overcome accompanied by actual effort. If a person can fight for a period of three years, doing conditions and making a commitment to their ancestors, it is possible to overcome so that one's children can be free from this influence. Within the Principle, everything can be overcome. Because the ability to deal with the situation depends on a person's faith.

Return for Tomorrow's Post: Homosexuality Root: Incest, Free Sex

A few points were taken from the speech, One God, One Religion 1972, given in San Franscico.  The points that are about homosexuality - let's be clear about the author of the Divine Principle, Rev. Moon speaks plainly that this lifestyle is lower than horse dung and lower than the animal.  But one should know that he says all humanity is in this position until we begin to follow God's true path and partake in the marriage blessing in the Last Days of the Messiah to engraft onto God's True Lineage.  Because two men can not be blessed into marriage, they remain in the fallen state.  So does anyone who does not make a 180 degree change that God demands of humanity in order to go toward the original path He wanted from the beginning. 
The parts about how to remedy homosexual came from the spiritualist who goes by the name of "Dae mo Nim".

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